pet sitting rates

pet sitting rates                 dog walking rates

In case you are interesting to get into the business of pet sitting you must know that the more clients you get the more income your archive. Let’s see below some pet sitting rates or dog walking rates that will help you get an idea what to expect from this job.

Basic Pet Sitting Rates

The average salary is $20-$25 per hour of service. There is no rule book with suggested or

standard prices, but you must have in mind that you can go more than $50.00 per visit even

if your client has asked you to feed his dog with extra vitamin food, clean the home box and

even exercise the animal. For the pet sitting client, these services must be part of a package

and must not go over $20-$25 per hour or $50-$60 per visit.


If it is a part-time job, for example, a couple of hours, every week do not believe that you

are going to be rich we are talking only for a few hundred of dollars every month. ($20.00 –

$25.00 the average salary plus 5 hours a week 20 x 5 = 100 plus 4 weeks = $400.00 Per a month.

Not Bad for a part time but imagine how better you could go if you increase the hours.

Overnight Stay Dog Walking Rates

The typical shift for an overnight pet sitting service is about $80.00. The time that you must

Charge for night rate is 7:30pm – 8:00am. The same price you can get if the owner is going to

A vocation, and you must keep the pet for some days.

Pet Taxi Rates

This is a new service that a professional pet sitter can provide in case a client has to move

his dog somewhere, but he cannot take it. The price is about $30.00 per hour or some

companies charge depending the miles (usually 10$ the first 15 miles and then an extra charge

for each mile)

“The newbie charge”

This is a rate that you should provide to your clients if you are new to the business. You

should follow this strategy because in your first steps you will not have too many clients and

a good push to start having more of them is to take around $10 to 15$ per visit.

“Extra service's rates”

Some clients will ask you if you can do and some extra jobs for them while you keep their

animal. For example, taking out the garbage, watering the garden, cleaning the house of the

animal. Of course, you are not a servant, and you do not have to clean the bathrooms or the

house of your client, but some small services like bringing the mail to the owner are a good

tip to get the empathy of your client and perhaps charge these services about $1.00 per task.

Extra animal rate

The basic $20.00 - $25.00 charge covers the feeding of only one animal so if your client has

more you should create some packages to offer the ability take care both pets with the proper

way. If you do not take some extra money for this service your client may become suspicious

that you won't care the pets adequately.

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